Lydia Hoye Founder, Bound to Prosper

Lydia Hoye Founder, Bound to Prosper, image supplied


Op Ed: Lydia Hoye, Founder, Bound to Prosper, on Pushing the Plant Transition

Lydia Hoye is the Founder of consumer PR agency Bound to Prosper. With 20 years of experience working with global brands, she now brings her expertise to bold and progressive brands and is on a mission to help the plant-based industry grow and go mainstream. Three ways the plant-based industry can help people transition how they eat now and in the future By Lydia Hoye Future generations are your future stakeholders. My plant-based daughter only knows the words ‘milk’ and ‘meat’ when referring to the plant-based versions. At seven years she’s growing up with a new set of semantics and a way of understanding what she consumes. BBC Good Food research has found that one in five, 5–15-year-olds say they are vegan or vegan-curious – …