Branston to open potato protein facility

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UK Potato Supplier Branston Prepares to Open “Pioneering” Potato Protein Facility

Branston, one of the UK’s largest potato suppliers, will begin production at its new “pioneering” potato protein extraction facility in early 2024. The company is currently best known for its fresh potatoes, along with products such as French fries. But as demand for plant-based foods continues to grow, Branston plans to expand by producing protein for the food industry. The construction of the site, which is described as the first of its kind in the UK, was first announced in 2021. At the time, Branston reported that it would invest around £6 million in the project, which will exclusively use potatoes grown in the UK. Ahead of the opening, Branston has hired a general manager, Tom Seagrief, to head up the facility. He returns to …


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Branston Celebrates 100 Years With ‘Braviar’ Vegan Caviar Pickle Hybrid

British legacy brand Branston, maker of the famous sandwich pickle, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a new and unusual innovation: Branston pickle in caviar-style pearls. If that wasn’t amazing enough, it’s also fully vegan. Branston is a household name across the UK, selling 17.8 million jars of its signature pickle in 2021. The product originated in 1922 in the village of Branston near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. To celebrate the centenary, Branston decided to “do something special to mark the occasion and pay tribute to Branston’s iconic status as one of Britain’s best-loved condiments in a unique and unexpected way,” according to Senior Brand Manager Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough. Branston joins companies including Cavi-art, Albert Heijn, MAGICCAVIAR, and Deli-Caviar in the emerging market for …


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Branston, One of the Biggest Potato Distributors in UK, Announces £6M Potato Protein Factory

Following this week’s news of a new potato-based mylk; Branston, one of the UK’s biggest potato buyers, packers, distributors and marketers with sites in Lincolnshire, Somerset and Scotland, recently announced the construction of a new factory specialising in the production of potato protein. The new factory, in which Branston is investing approximately 6 million pounds, will process potatoes from the company’s regional growing areas. The plant is being developed with agri-tech start-up B-hive Innovations and is believed to be the first of its kind in the country. Branston’s managing director, Richard Fell, explains, “Most people are aware of the healthy ingredients like fibre in potatoes, but they don’t think about the very nutritious protein content.” Sustainable crops, locally sourced Up to now, Branston has supplied …