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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Biomass Fermentation Leader Brevel Inaugurates Commercial Plant for Affordable, Nutritious Microalgae Protein

Israel’s Brevel, a biomass fermentation startup using microalgae protein to create sustainable ingredients, announces the grand opening of its first commercial plant. Last July, the company secured $18.5 million in seed funding led by NevaTeam Partners and backed by the European Union’s EIC Fund, facilitating the current phase of commercial-scale production and global expansion. Located in Israel’s desert periphery, the new site covers 27,000 square feet (2,500m²) and includes headquarters, a large R&D center, and a large commercial manufacturing area. It features multiple bioreactors at different scales: 3, 50, 500 L, and the company’s first 5,000 L bioreactor. At the new site, Brevel can produce hundreds of tons of its flagship ingredient — a 60-70% microalgae protein concentrate for meat and dairy alternatives. The first …


Koralo launches a new mycelium and microalgae fish fillet in South Korea

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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

8 of the Most Exciting Innovations in Algae

Algae is essential for human life. According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, around half of the oxygen produced on the planet comes from it. But beyond sustaining our lives, this diverse group of photosynthetic organisms has the potential to replace animal proteins and fossil fuel-based materials, including plastics and fuel. Additionally, algae can be used to make colorings, food additives, omega-3 supplements, and much more. The algae products market is projected to reach $6.01 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2024 to 2031, according to Meticulous Market Research.  Here, we present eight worldwide algae innovations propelling us toward a more sustainable planet: 1. Koralo’s New F!sh – South Korea Koralo, a German fermentation startup based in South Korea, has developed an alt fish fillet — New …


Brevel founders

Brevel founders (L to R) Yonatan Golans, Ido Golan, Matan Golan. Image courtesy of Brevel

Investments & Finance

Brevel Raises $18.5M to Fuel the Plant-Based Sector with Sustainable Microalgae Proteins

Israeli fermentation company Brevel announces it has closed an $18.5 million seed funding round to produce and launch into the market its microalgae-based proteins suitable for F&B plant-based applications. Established in 2016 by three brothers, Yonatan (CEO), Matan (COO), and Ido Golan (CTO), Brevel has developed a sugar-based fermentation tech that uses microalgae and light in industrial-scale systems to produce sustainable and functional proteins without using agricultural land. NevaTeam Partners and the European Union’s EIC Fund backed Brevel in this round. Other participants included leading food and climate funds and strategic partners from the food industry. Brevel’s seed funding includes $8.4 million converted from grants and convertible loans into shares. In June 2022, Brevel received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and Israel’s Innovation Authority in the form …


vgarden plant-based cheese cut on a wooden board

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Cheese Alternatives

Vgarden & Brevel to Develop New Category of High Protein Microalgae Cheese

Vegan food manufacturer Vgarden, and microalgae-based alternative protein company Brevel, recently announced a collaboration to develop a new category of high-protein plant-based cheese.  Brevel will provide its microalgae protein which is neutral in color and flavor, allowing Vgarden to develop a rich-protein plant-based cheese that has no aftertaste. The new Brevel-enriched cheese will not compromise the real cheese experience, says Vgarden. Brevel’s microalgae protein Yonatan Golan, Brevel’s CEO and co-founder, said: “Brevel is actively working to solve the biggest nutrition challenges that exist today. We are achieving this by providing truly sustainable microalgae protein which is both color and flavor neutral, and available for the first time at an affordable cost for partners like Vgarden.”  “We are excited that Vgarden will be the first to …


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Investments & Acquisitions

Brevel Raises $8.4M to Reduce Cost of Microalgae-Based Protein by Over 90%

Israel’s Brevel has raised $8.4 million to build a commercial pilot facility for its microalgae-based protein. Investors in the seed funding round included FoodHack, Good Startup VC, Tet Ventures, and Nevateam Ventures. Brevel has also received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program and Israel’s Innovation Authority in the form of non-dilutive grants. The new pilot facility will allow the company to scale its proprietary technology and enhance its R&D capabilities. According to Brevel, microalgae is one of the most sustainable protein sources, but has barriers in terms of taste and cost. The company claims to have solved these challenges by developing an affordable colour and flavour-neutral microalgae-based protein. Brevel’s technology works by combining sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with high concentrations of light. This reduces …