French Baker Bridor launches new vegan pastries

Image credit: Bridor Instagram

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French Baker Bridor Responds to Growing Consumer Demand With New Vegan Pastries

Bridor, a French baked goods specialist, has introduced two new 2023 vegan Viennese pastries under its Clean Label Bridor line: vegan croissants and vegan pan au chocolat. Described as light and crispy, the new vegan goods rival the well-known classics due to a key ingredient developed exclusively for Bridor: high-quality margarine.  Master baker and pastry chef Jean-Luc Kasper explains, “After long years of development, we worked with our suppliers to select a margarine with very special properties: its melting point is similar to that of butter, which gives the dough an incomparable texture during lamination and, in addition, a taste that is very close to butter. A special selection of oils, such as coconut and rapeseed oil, makes this possible.” Other premium ingredients, such as …