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Cultivated Meat

BSF Enterprise and Ivy Farm Partner to Produce Cultivated Meat in China

Two UK firms, BSF Enterprise, owner of the UK clinical and cell ag company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), and the cultivated meat company Ivy Farm Technologies, have partnered to fundraise, produce, and scale cultivated meat in China. BSF Enterprise (LSE: BSFA) (OTCQB: BSFAF) announced that the commercial agreement involves securing investment to help Ivy Farm enter the Chinese market and find key manufacturers to develop various cultivated meat products. Last year, BSF Enterprise formed a separate entity (BSF HK) and opened an office in Hong Kong to develop a distribution and partner network to commercialize its products and launch cultivated meat in the country. China consumes over 100 million tons of meat (with pork as the preferred meat), which is more than a quarter of global meat consumption, representing a …


3DBT cultivated meat steak

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Cultivated Meat

BSF & CellRev Form New Venture ‘Cultivated Meat Technologies Limited’ to Mass-Produce Cultivated Meat

Two UK firms, BSF Enterprise, owner of the UK clinical and cell ag company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), and bioprocessing company CellRev, will combine their resources and expertise to launch a new company focused on the mass production of cultivated meat. BSF Enterprise (LSE: BSFA), (OTCQB: BSFAF), announced the exclusive joint venture, revealing they had already entered a Terms Sheet and expect to form the biotech in the coming months. The news follows the UK’s government recently announced a £2 billion plan to seize the potential of biotechnology. The new company, Cultivated Meat Technologies Limited (CMT), will create technology solutions to successfully scale the production of cell-based meat at lower costs to bring products to the market.  “We have observed the early success of 3D Bio tissues with …


3DBT cell culture media city mix

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3D Bio-Tissues Opens Office in Hong Kong to Commercialise its Flagship Cell Media in China

UK-based clinical and cell ag company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT) has recently expanded internationally with a new office in Hong Kong to introduce its flagship cell-boosting media supplement, City-Mix, to the Chinese cultivated meat market.  3DBT will also target the Chinese biotech industry, especially gene therapy, stem cells, regenerative medicine, Life Sciences companies, and academia. The company already started hiring R&D experts and sales and marketing specialists to develop a go-to-market strategy, build distribution networks, and establish manufacturing partners in China.  The announcement was made by the biotech investor BSF Enterprise (LSE: BSFA), which owns 3DBT. Recently, BSF raised £2.9 million to provide working capital for its subsidiary to accelerate its progress and develop systems to expedite the production and supply of its media growth and target manufacturers.  Commercial presence 3DBT, a Newcastle University …