Oktoberfest 2022

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Vegan Versions of Classic Dishes to Be Offered at Oktoberfest 2022

A significant shift is set to take place at Oktoberfest 2022, as several vegan options are added to menus for what may be the first time in the event’s history. The Munich-based beer festival is known for its meat-heavy dishes, with 435,000 chickens and 124 oxen said to be consumed each year. But change is coming — the Ochsenbraterei, a venue best known for publicly grilling oxen on a rotisserie, has hired chef Sebastian Copien to develop vegan options. With Copien’s help, the menu now features three plant-based dishes — vegan patties with potato salad, vegan bratwurst with sauerkraut, and mushroom goulash with pulled plant-based meat. “Vegetarian and vegan diets are not a trend, but have been proven to be good for people and nature,” …


Bundobust's alt-meat menu to continue in February

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Bundobust’s Alt-Meat Menu to Be Extended Into February After Veganuary Success

Bundobust‘s alt-meat menu, initially intended to be a limited edition offering for Veganuary, is to be extended for another month following its “roaring success”. The UK-based Indian restaurant chain, which has locations in Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester, has always been fully vegetarian — but previously, the menu only offered legume and vegetable-based dishes. The new Bundo Does Meat menu, which features options such as plant-based Butter Chicken and Keema Matar, marks the first time the chain has offered “meaty” Indian dishes. The meat alternatives used are made by Meatless Farm. “These specials are something we’ve been working on for months. We experimented with a selection of meat substitutes, and Meatless Farm products lent themselves best to Indian food. Both Bundobust and Meatless Farm are Leeds-born …