Bunge, a global food and agribusiness company, introduces Beleaf PlantBetter, a plant-based butter designed for bakery applications.

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Bunge Introduces Plant-Based Butter for “Superior-Tasting” Commercial Baking

Looking to set a new standard in the plant-based foods landscape, Bunge, a global food and agribusiness company, has introduced Beleaf PlantBetter, a “superior-tasting” and sustainable plant-based butter designed for bakery applications. Bunge claims that PlantBetter mimics the taste, texture, and melting behavior of traditional butter to offer manufacturers a versatile solution for plant-based bakery. The NPD is described as a clean-label alternative made with natural ingredients, such as coconut, cocoa butter, rapeseed, and lecithins. Regarding sustainability, Bunge explains that PlantBetter’s carbon footprint halves standard dairy butter emissions and that these figures have been verified by a third-party study conducted by the Terra Institute. Game-changing innovation According to Bunge, the growing demand for plant-based dairy and the increasing instability in butter prices have created opportunities …


Bunge to build soy protein concentrate facility

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Bunge Breaks Ground on $500M Facility to Supply Soy Protein for Plant-Based Foods Market

Global agribusiness firm Bunge announces it has begun construction on a new $500M soybean processing facility in Morristown, Indiana. Opening in mid-2025, the “fully integrated” plant will produce soy protein concentrates and textured soy protein concentrates for the plant-based foods market.  The new facility is adjacent to Bunge’s existing soybean processing plant in Morristown, which focuses on processing soy for animal feed and byproducts like soybean oil. Once operational, the new plant will employ 70 workers and be able to process 4.5 million bushels of soybeans every year.  According to Aaron Buettner, president of food solutions at Bunge, the success of Bunge’s first processing plant influenced the company to re-invest in the Morristown community.  “It’s really the relationship that we have with community and the …