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Special Report: Phenomenal Growth in Vegan Ice-Cream

A report of the most important trends between 2018-2022 by Technavio observed that over the last decade, the number of people preferring vegan diets has increased by 300%, and identified the global vegan ice cream market as a key market trend which is expected to continue to its growth within this period. The vegan ice-cream market will reach $2.45 billion by 2027 according to a further report by OpenPR, which predicted that “Towards the end of 2027, the global consumption of plant-based ice-creams will reach 500 thousand tonnes”


Cado Eis auf Avocado-Basis

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Cado: Avocado-Based Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan ice cream is more in demand than ever before. Experts forecast an average annual growth rate of 8.79% for the market for the period 2018 to 2022. A market analysis by Future Market Insights has also shown that the plant-based ice cream market will reach 2.5 billion dollars within the next decade. The ice-cream brand Cado is helping to shape this trend – but with an extraordinary main ingredient.