Dr. Clauder's partners with Calysta to launch innovative dog treats made with FeedKindPet protein.

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Dr. Clauder’s Introduces the “World’s First” Dog Treats Featuring Calysta’s Air Protein FeedKindPet

German pet food manufacturer Dr. Clauder’s has partnered with microbial protein pioneer Calysta, to launch the world’s first dog treats made with FeedKindPet, an air protein-derived ingredient designed for pet nutrition. FeedKindPet, a vegan protein source, is said to be nutrient-dense, offering a complete amino acid profile for dogs, and is highly digestible while featuring postbiotic properties that help maintain a healthy gut. It has been approved for use in pet food in the EU and has received GRAS status in the USA. Dr. Clauder’s is a top German brand focused on pet health and nutrition, offering a wide range of high-quality products for dogs and cats. The company is known by pet owners and professionals for its premium pet food and supplements, which are made …


Air Protein and ADM join forces to commercially laungh landless proteins to make alt foods

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Air-Based Proteins Market to Exceed $100M: Highlighting 5 Prominent Players

The global air-based foods market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% to reach a value of US$ 100 million by the end of 2032, as consumers and producers look increasingly towards sustainable proteins. According to FACT. MR, initially, air-based foods will gain popularity in North America and Europe, markets with growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly food products as a solution to food production challenges. This technology, first used to feed humans in space, offers a promising solution to the extensive land use in animal agriculture that is driving species to extinction, eroding soils, and polluting water and airways. We take a look at five companies using cutting-edge technology to make proteins using microbes and air, known as air proteins, to move food production …


Calysta "protein without limits"

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Calysta Uses Methane to Make Plant and Animal-Free “Protein Without Limits”

Based in California, Calysta is a biotech firm using a patented fermentation platform to produce what it describes as “protein without limits”. The process involves using microorganisms to convert methane into single-cell proteins. It is powered by renewable energy and does not require any plant or animal inputs, meaning no arable land is used. Water and energy consumption are also far lower than for conventional proteins. Calysta’s products are intended to help meet the world’s growing demand for sustainable proteins, improving food security while preserving biodiversity. The company initially focused on producing food for fish, livestock, and pets, but has now developed a product called Positive Protein for use in human foods. Positive Protein is described as highly nutritious, with the best possible digestibility rating …