Scientist discover algae that contain vitamin B12

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Scientists Discover B12-Rich Algae Promising Natural Supplements for Vegan Diets

Scientists at Cambridge University have discovered that certain algae are rich sources of vitamin B12, claiming they are suitable for producing natural B12-boosting supplements.   Vitamin B12, missing in vegan diets, is an essential micronutrient that manufactures blood and nerve cells. Its deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, nausea, and weight loss. It can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as an autoimmune disorder called pernicious anemia. The elderly, pregnant, and lactating women are at particular risk when exposed to low doses. In the UK, almost 1.5% of the population is vegan, meaning 2.5 million people rely on supplements to get the vitamin. According to the European Journal of Nutrition, vegan diets supply only a fraction of the B12 required — about 0.5 micrograms per day, which …


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University of Cambridge Students Vote to Remove All Animal Products From Menus

Students at the UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge have voted to make menus fully plant-based across the student union’s cafes and canteens. Following a four-week consultation process, 72% of non-abstaining voters were in favour of the motion. The vote was held in response to lobbying from the Plant-Based Universities campaign, which is supported by Animal Rebellion (an offshoot of environmental group Extinction Rebellion). The motion does not guarantee that Cambridge’s catering services will remove animal products altogether, as decisions about menus are made by the university rather than the students’ union. The vote also does not apply to the university’s colleges, though Plant-Based Universities Cambridge said it provided “an extremely strong mandate for colleges to begin transitioning to 100% plant-based menus”. But while the outcome …