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Carrefour Exceeds Target for Sales of Plant-Based Alternatives With €514M Turnover

French multinational supermarket chain Carrefour — one of the world’s largest retailers — has reported that it made €514 million in sales of plant-based alternatives last year, exceeding its target of €500 million by 2026. The plant-based alternatives category includes meat and dairy substitutes, as well as legumes. The latter were recently added to the scope following requests from stakeholders, and accounted for €142 million in sales in 2023. Carrefour has now increased its plant-based sales target to $650 million by 2026. The supermarket chain has also reported that 306 suppliers were part of its Food Transition Pact last year, up from 204 in 2022. The pact helps suppliers to become more sustainable through measures such as boosting biodiversity, offering healthier choices, and removing unnecessary …


Alexandre Bompard at a Carrefour announcing the launch of a coalition to democratize plant-based foods

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Carrefour and Major Food Companies Launch Plant-Based Coalition to Take Alternatives Mainstream

Président Directeur Général of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard,  has announced the launch of a plant-based coalition to democratize and develop plant-based alternatives for the market.  In partnership with food manufacturing and distribution companies Danone, SAVENCIA, ANDROS, Bel Bonduelle, Unilever, and NUTRITION & SANTE, the coalition aims to reach €3 billion in sales by 2026. “This initiative demonstrates our ability to join forces and assume our collective responsibility as manufacturers and retailers to consume sustainable products at reasonable prices,” says Bompard on social media. Food is responsible for almost 25% of GHG emissions, and global warming is increasing rapidly. As 50% of households follow a flexitarian diet, and the purchasing power of the French is under significant pressure, Bompard believes that affordable plant-based alternatives are a solution …


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Hi Vegs! Secures Carrefour Listing in Spain

Hi Vegs!, the Dacsa Group’s vegetable products company, is now available in Carrefour supermarkets in Spain, bringing its retail footprint to a total of 200 listings. The Dacsa Group, leader in the corn and rice milling sector, launches in Carrefour Spain with a range of four 100% vegan products: Bocaditos de atún (tuna snacks) Bocaditos de ternera (Veal morsels) Albóndigas (meatballs) Veggieclara (functional egg white substitute made from aquafaba which can be used in numerous sweet and savoury recipes, such as sauces, cakes, omelettes, etc) Both Hi Vegs! Bocaditos and Albóndigas are 100% plant-based products, made from texturised pea protein. The Dacsa Group’s R+D+i team says it recreated the taste, texture and appearance of the animal product it replaces, and additionally, these are gluten and …



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Onami Foods’ Vegan Fish & Chips Products Roll Out Into Carrefour Paris

Onami Foods, a French startup founded in May 2021 offering algae and plant-based products, has announced its launch in Carrefour hypermarkets in the Paris region. “Onami is taking to the sea! We are pleased to announce our deployment in Carrefour Île-de-France hypermarkets. To mark the occasion, we are organising a number of events and tastings to help you (re)discover our products,” said Onami Foods on the launch. The first range of Onami Foods products consists of fish & chips alternatives in four formats: KissKiss Nuggets, Crispy Tender, the Mini Hug filet, and the Filet XOXO. Riding the wave of plant proteins The startup was founded by Charles Fouquet, CEO, and Benjamin Devos, COO, two friends since school who met again in 2019 after an international …


vegan butcher section at Carrefour

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Brazilian Verdali and Carrefour Open New Vegan Butcher Section

Brazilian plant-based meat specialist, Verdali has partnered with hypermarket giant Carrefour to offer its products at a designated vegan butcher section next to the fresh meat counters at one of the supermarket’s locations in São Paolo. The company claims to be the first company with plant-based certification in Brazil. In the last two years, it has launched a range of plant-based meat alternatives made with peas, soy, and chickpeas. The company describes its products as the new natural flavour of vegetal meat, nutritious and healthy. It is worth mentioning that the company says its packaging uses bio-based recyclable plastic. Verdali commented on the new vegan butcher section: “This innovative proposal aims to serve consumers who prefer plant-based proteins focusing on democratization by having the products exposed …


Kokiriki tuna

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

France’s Kokiriki Adds to Extensive Range With New Alt Fish Products

French vegan producer Kokiriki continues to expand its portfolio with the launch of an extensive new range. Having started with the production of vegan charcuterie, the brand is now launching a range of vegan nuggets and breaded products made from alternative fish, as well as its award-winning vegan tuna. Kokiriki, a subsidiary of the Morbiano Jouault Group, has been producing vegan meat in the form of charcuterie, burgers and dumplings since its launch in 2021 and has been listed nationally in all Carrefour hypermarkets in France since early February. The launch of this product range follows an award for its Veg-Toona vegan tuna as the most innovative product in the fresh and frozen category at the Gulfood international trade fair in Dubai. The company’s founder, …


Kokiriki plant-based ham


Products & Launches

Kokiriki Expands Plant-Based Offerings from Vegan Charcuterie to Alt Tuna to Carrefour France

French plant-based producer Kokiriki is continuing to expand its alt meat offerings with the launch of an extensive new line. Having started with the production of vegan charcuterie, the brand is now launching a range of vegan nuggets and breaded alt fish products, as well as its awarding-winning plant-based tuna.  Kokiriki, a subsidiary of the Morbiano Jouault group, has been producing vegan meat in the form of charcuterie, burgers, and meatballs since its launch in 2021 and has been listed nationally in all Carrefour hypermarkets in France since the beginning of February. The product range launch comes after the brand won the Most Innovative Product award in the fresh and frozen category award at the Gulfood international trade fair in Dubai for its Veg-Toona plant-based …


La Vie accepts Carrefour award

La Vie accepts award, ©Carrefour

Fairs & Events

The Ten Winners of the Carrefour Plant-Based Contest!

Carrefour announced the final of its Plant-Based Contest last night, deciding between the 15 finalists. The aim of this contest was to find the most successful plant-based innovations that the retail giant will then offer to its customers. More than 250 start-ups from all over the world took part, of which 15 were selected for the final and 10 winners were chosen by the jury. Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard was present at the results announcement ceremony to hand out the jury’s “Coup de Coeur” award to La Vie for its ham — a new product due to be launched in September. Here are the 10 winning startups (in alphabetical order, there was no ranking): La Vie Lapp Libre Foods Novish Pink Albatross Rebl Eats Oy …


alt protien manufacturer La Vie's vegan bacon burger

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Fairs & Events

Announcing the 15 Finalists of the Carrefour Plant-Based Contest

French supermarket chain Carrefour created a contest this March called the Plant-Based Contest, designed to help innovative startups advance to market. The contest has three categories: plant-based protein products, strong concept, and service offering. More than 250 startups from all over the world participated, of which 15 have been selected for the final that will be held on June 9 in the heart of Paris. On this occasion, 10 winners will be selected as well as the “coup de coeur” of the jury. Here are the 15 finalist startups: Cocoriton Cocoriton is a French company created by farmers. The company has created vegetable patties based on legumes rich in fibre and grown in the fields of French farmers. EATIC The French startup EATIC, created in …


Carrefour plant-based contest

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Carrefour Launches Plant-Based Contest for Innovative Startups

French supermarket chain Carrefour has created a competition called the Plant-Based Contest, designed to help innovative startups gain a foothold in the market. Startups from around the world are invited to apply for the competition between March 31 and May 8. Ten finalists will then be selected to pitch at an event in Paris on June 9, where five winners will be chosen. The competition has three categories — Plant-Based Protein Products, Strong Concept, and Service Offer. The jury will consist of representatives from Carrefour, BEL Group, The Vegetarian Butcher, Oatly, Proveg, daphni, Beyond Animal, Capital V, and Unovis. The five winning products will launch at Carrefour stores, including online, and will be evaluated by customers. “Through its original Plant-Based Contest, Carrefour aims to draw …


Carrefour The Vegetarian Butcher

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Food & Beverage

Carrefour France Now Offering Plant-Based Meat at Traditional Butcher Counters

As a major first in France, Carrefour – the eighth-largest retailer in the world – has begun offering products from The Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch brand owned by Unilever, in its traditional butcher’s shop. “Bringing these two types of products together simplifies the shopping experience for our customers who want to go vegan. The second big first is that Carrefour is the first major retailer to market these delicious products that have already won over Burger King,” Carrefour said on its various social networks. After the launch and extension of its Carrefour Veggie brand and the exclusive nationwide marketing of La Vie vegan products, Carrefour continues to see the potential of plant-based products in the European market. This vegan corner in the traditional butcher’s department …


Marcos Leta,Founder Future Farm

Company News

Future Farm Outperforms Beyond in UAE, is Fastest Growing Alt Meat Brand in Region

Brazil’s Fazenda Futuro, translated and branded as Future Farm in Western territories, reports its market performance in UAE with figures provided by Carrefour supermarkets, which operate the largest retail network in the region. Despite being the most recent newcomer in the UAE, Fazenda Futuro has outperformed its peers by far.



Interview with Jan Bredack, CEO & Founder, Veganz GmbH

Veganism has long been more than just a trend. This realization is becoming clear to more and more private individuals, as well as commercial enterprises and industries. But there is someone who has always been convinced of this and has positioned himself early in the market with his own chain – Jan Bredack, Managing Director of Veganz GmbH.