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Alt Shrimp Making Waves as 72% of Consumers Do Not Want Their Seafood to Harm the Environment

Though research shows shrimp as the most popular seafood item in the US, consumer concerns regarding ocean pollution are changing ordering habits. Alt shrimp producers across the globe are meeting the demand for environmentally friendly seafood options, with 72% of consumers stating they do not want their seafood consumption to harm the environment, as reported by Restaurant Business Online. With alt shrimp looking like the next big segment in alt seafood, vegconomist takes a look at the biggest players in the emerging market.  Aqua Cultured Foods The female-led food tech startup from Chicago has recently launched its “world’s first” whole-muscle cut alt seafood on the market. Using its novel fermentation technology, Aqua Cultured Foods has developed alt shrimp as well as calamari.  Happy Ocean Foods …


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Vegan Caviar Market Set for Rapid Growth: Meet the Biggest Players

The global vegan caviar market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% over the next decade, reaching a valuation of over $632 million by 2032. The new data comes from a Future Market Insights report, with demand for vegan caviar driven by increasing environmental concerns for the oceans.  Conventional caviar is unfertilized fish eggs, also known as fish roe, traditionally from endangered wild sturgeon. The fish is caught alive before her ovarian sacks are extracted. Vegan caviar companies are developing cruelty-free and healthy alternatives around the world, with the new report predicting Europe to dominate the global market with a market value share of 32% by 2022 end, followed by APAC.  Cavi-Art Luxury seafood brand Cavi-Art is the producer of the best-selling vegan …


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Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi-Art is Developing Seaweed-Based Shrimp

Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi·art®, producer of the best-selling vegan caviar in Europe, is working to expand its range of affordable gourmet seafood alternatives by creating a shrimp alternative made from seaweed. Out to revolutionise the shrimp category Jens Møller Products ApS, the company behind Cavi·art®, uses its long-term experience in working with seaweed to develop vegan alternatives to luxury seafood. Established in 1994 in Denmark, the family-owned company that is known for its vegan caviar, now seeks to revolutionize the shrimp category. The company’s flagship is the seaweed-based Cavi·Art® which it says is the “roe of the future”, which comes in several varieties including black, pink, and even Wasabi flavoured caviar. According to the Danish seafood innovator, Cavi·art® offers an environmentally conscious alternative to caviar, …