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New Report: Meat Industry Will Lose $20B in 2020, Is Threatened by Innovative Plant-Based Foods

CB Insights has recently produced a report outlining the disruption of the $2.7T global animal meat market. From new generations of people seeking sustainable and cruelty-free foods to major investors who are looking to modern science to find new ways of providing protein, animal meat is beginning to look outdated. While it is regrettably still the biggest sector in the protein industry, this has never before been so threatened.


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Market & Trends

Corporate Takeover of Plant Protein is One of the Biggest F & B Trends in 2019

A consumer insights report from CB Insights reflects the growing trend in 2019 of corporates beginning to transition to plant protein. In addition, there is an increasing trend for companies now preferring to use the term “protein” in general to encompass both meat and plantbased products, with some companies such as Tyson attempting to essentially rebrand themselves as protein manufacturers instead of meat companies.