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Mosa Meat Whitepaper Urges Governments & Food Industry to Invest in Cultivated Meat

Cultivated beef pioneer Mosa Meat has released a whitepaper calling on governments and the food industry to collaborate to mitigate the climate impact of industrial beef production by investing in the advancement of the cellular agriculture industry. “Beef needs a solution. Industrial meat production continues to accelerate the climate crisis, while the world’s demand for beef is steadily growing. We are creating an alternative approach to producing real beef. I am very excited for what lies ahead as we help reshape the global food system,” says Maarten Bosch, Mosa Meat’s CEO. “Swapping meat with meat” Mosa Meat believes that only “swapping meat with meat” has the potential for the mass consumer adoption needed to solve the sustainability issues currently associated with our food system. But to …



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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Dutch Government Announces €60M Cellular Agriculture Fund

The Dutch government has earmarked €60 million for a new cellular agriculture fund. The investment will be awarded through the National Growth Fund, which supports innovative economic sectors. It is believed that €60 million is the largest ever sum of public funding to be granted to cellular agriculture anywhere in the world. The proposal for the funding was submitted by Cellular Agriculture Netherlands, a consortium of 12 organisations, and its success comes just a month after the Netherlands legalised tastings of cultivated meat. The Dutch cellular agriculture fund is only the first part of a larger growth plan for the industry, which will involve investing between €252 and €382 million in education, research, scale-up facilities, societal integration, and innovation. It is hoped that this growth …