Mycelium bacon on a plate - CellX unveils its mycelium fermentation programme

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CellX Ventures into Mycelium Fermentation to Create Proteins for Plant-Based and Hybrid Products

CellX, a biotech that operates China’s largest cultivated and seafood facility, announces a new fermentation program, a parallel venture producing mycelium-derived proteins for alt meat and dairy, functional, and hybrid products.  With this expansion, the company aims to complement its cultivated meat platform and launch sustainable proteins more quickly. “Fermentation and cultivated meat both serve CellX’s vision of providing sustainable protein for everyone,” Operations Manager Liu Yu informs vegconomist.  CellX’s fermentation program has already commenced operations with a pilot-scale production of 10 m3. The company says it is preparing to submit for regulatory approval in China and abroad and is set to introduce its mycelium products into global markets by 2025.  A diverse portfolio of novel proteins The edible fungi strains suitable for fermentation were …


CellX cultivated dish at demo

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Cultivated Seafood

China’s CellX is Confident it “Can Achieve Cost-Effective Mass Production of Cultivated Fish”

A month after announcing it had commenced operations at what it claims to be China’s first large-scale pilot plant for cultivated meat, CellX states this week it has made significant strides towards the industrial application of cultivated seafood. “Through the use of high-throughput equipment and systematic research methods for cell fate regulation, we achieved successful suspension differentiation of fish cells in only six months, which typically requires one to two years in the industry,” states CellX R&D Director Dr. Shuangshuang Chen in a press release. CellX secured $6.5 million in Series A+ funding this June to establish the pilot plant and has gone on to achieve a series of milestones in the three months that have passed. The company has now successfully completed the pilot …


CellX launched China's first large-scale pilot plant for cultivated meat

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Company News

CellX Commences Operations at China’s First Large Scale Cultivated Meat Plant

Chinese biotech company CellX announces it has established and commenced operations at what it claims to be China’s first large-scale pilot plant for cultivated meat. The new pilot plant, the FX factory, has a capacity of 1,000 tons of cultivated meat, representing a significant milestone for CellX’s biotechnology. The facility will be a testing ground for larger-scale production necessary to bring products to market. CellX is building a commercial-scale production factory set to launch in 2025, with an anticipated production capacity of hundreds of tons. CellX, which stands out as one of the few companies capable of upscaling cultivated meat production, secured $6.5 million to complete its pilot-scale facility this June, bringing its total funding to $20 million. “Cultivated meat technology embodies a safe, efficient, and sustainable …


CellX secures funds to start running its cultivated meat pilot plant

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Cultivated Meat

CellX Secures $6.5M to Launch China’s First Cultivated Meat Pilot Facility & Tasting Space

Chinese biotechnology company CellX announces it has secured $6.5 million in Series A+ funding led by various investors to complete its pilot-scale facility and begin producing cultivated meat products.  In February, the cell ag company announced plans to build China’s first pilot facility in partnership with Tofflon, a biotech and food equipment company. Besides a production plant and R&D center, CellX says its facility will be a “transparent food space” for public tastings of its cultivated meat demo products.  “The facility is almost ready, and we are about to start the first batch of 2,000L run. We will be opening our doors for public tasting soon, and we are excited to invite you to Shanghai for a taste of the future,” said Ziliang Yang, cofounder and CEO of …


CellX cultivated chicken breast finalist at XPRIZE

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

CellX Team Reaches XPRIZE Finals with Cultivated Chicken Breast

Chinese cultivated meat company CellX announces it has been selected among the six finalists (out of 353 participants) of the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion (FTNB) competition to develop alternative proteins. FTNB, established in 2020, encourages startups to develop alternative chicken breast or fish filet products that surpass conventional meat in terms of nutrition, taste, and texture. Moreover, these products must be affordable and promote environmental sustainability and animal welfare. © XPRIZE Foundation Six breakthroughs in food tech A judging panel of diverse experts in international sustainability, agricultural and biological engineering, the food industry, and experts working at the highest levels of academia and research selected the finalist, explains XPRIZE. The following teams will compete for the final prize of $12 million in 2024: Revo Foods: Plant-based fish from Austria Eternal: Fermentation-derived chicken …


alternative protein market company Upside Foods serves a cultivated chicken burger

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Business Wire

Global Cultured Meat Markets Report – By 2040, a Projected 60% of Meat will be Created from Cells Grown Within Bioreactors and Sold Across Grocery Stores and Restaurants Worldwide

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Global Market for Cultured Meat – Market Size, Trends, Competitors, and Forecasts (2022)” report has been added to’s offering. By 2040, a projected 60% of the meat will be created from cells grown within bioreactors and sold across grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. The rise of the cultured meat market will be supported by the sustainability of the process, as well as the industry’s ability to provide “tailor-made nutrition” through its meat and seafood products. Recent surveys indicate that nearly 50% of the consumers do not have any reservations about cultured meat. Over the next 10 to 20 years, the cultured meat market is projected to act as a major disruptor to the conventional meat market. The number of startups focused …




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Bluu Seafood and CellX Partner to “Make Cellular Agriculture a Reality” Within Germany & China

Bluu Seafood and CellX today announce a strategic partnership, stating they are committed to a shared goal to “make cellular agriculture a reality” and advance regulatory approval in their countries, respectively Germany and China. Bluu Seafood (formerly Bluu Biosciences), which claims to be the first European company specializing in cultivated fish, will present its first product this year. CellX, which claims to be the leading cultivated meat company in China, showcased several products in 2021 with a focus on pork and is now expanding into beef and poultry. Chris Dammann, COO of Bluu Seafood, is a VP and board member of Cellular Agriculture Europe, while Ziliang Yang, founder and CEO of CellX, is Secretary of the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture. The newly formed partnership …


Chinese Cultivated Meat Joes Future Food

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Study Finds 90% of Chinese Consumers Ready to Eat Cultivated Meat 

A new study in China has revealed 90% of consumers would eat cultivated meat in the country. The encouraging figures come at an important time for the emerging Chinese cultivated meat sector, with the Chinese government’s increasing emphasis on food safety and environmental sustainability. The market report from alt protein investor Lever China and Chinese media outlet FoodPlus surveyed over 2,000 consumers across China. 90% said they would eat cultivated meat – that is meat produced by cellular agriculture – while 30% said they would make it their primary source of protein if it can achieve the same taste and texture as conventional meat. China currently consumes approximately 30% of the world’s meat, making it the largest market globally. The numbers back up significant investment …