Chef Woo noodles beef in bag

© Chef Woo / Borealis Foods

Company News

Borealis Foods Inc, Maker of Gordon Ramsay-Backed Chef Woo Vegan Ramen, Announces NASDAQ Listing

Ontario-based Borealis Foods, a food tech company focused on vegan ramen products, announces today that it will commence trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker “BRLS” on February 8, 2024, following the closing of its previously announced business combination (“the Business Combination”) with Oxus Acquisition Corp. (“Oxus”). Borealis explains its focus on ramen products, stating that the noodles are enjoyed by over 5 billion people in a $40B global market, making it the most widely consumed packaged food on the market. “It is shelf-stable, convenient and offers one of the highest turnover for retailers. The category is ripe for disruption in a market limited by product differentiation, low retail profit margins, lackluster new product development and poor consumer perception,” says the Canadian brand. Ramsay’s touch …