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Merit Functional Foods Develops Methylcellulose-Free Ingredient Solution

Burcon NutraScience Corporation announces that its joint venture company, Merit Functional Foods Corporation, has developed an innovation utilizing its non-GMO Peazazz® pea protein as part of a 100% protein-based clean label solution to replace methylcellulose, a synthetic ingredient widely used in food and meat alternative applications. With consumers looking for advanced plant-based products that provide meat-like texture and cooking qualities, while not being highly processed, many food manufacturers in the plant-based industry are demanding methylcellulose-free solutions to achieve a cleaner label. Clean label texturizing solution Merit Functional Foods is looking to position Peazazz as a recognizable clean label ingredient for meat alternatives. According to the company, the pea protein solution offers water binding and emulsification properties, as well as strong gelling properties that allow formulators …


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Givaudan and Fiberstar Strengthen Global Footprint of “Citri-Fi” Citrus Fibre

Citrus fibre ingredient Citri-Fi® enters new markets to strengthen its global footprint following a new agreement between Givaudan and Fiberstar Givaudan and US-based company Fiberstar have announced a new partnership that will allow Givaudan to commercialise and use Fiberstar’s plant-based texturising ingredient Citri-Fi, created from a by-product of the juicing industry. Aside from developing plant-based taste and flavour solutions, Givaudan actively supports startups that are innovating in plant-based proteins. Recently the multinational manufacturer joined forces with Bühler and retail chain Migros to establish The Cultured Food Innovation Hub which is set to accelerate market penetration of cellular agriculture products. Introduced in 2019, Citri-Fi,® is a natural, citrus-based alternative to synthetically produced methylcellulose. Sustainably produced from a by-product of the juicing process, Citri-Fi® can be used …


Interview with Dr. Brock Lundberg from Fiberstar, Inc.

Interview with Dr. Brock Lundberg from Fiberstar, Inc.


Fiberstar, Inc: “Our Objective is to be the Global Market Leader in Natural and Clean Ingredient Solutions”

Dr. Brock Lundberg
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Fiberstar, Inc. has used its biggest product, Citri-Fi®, for many years in order to improve the taste and texture of meat and dairy products, processed foods, beverages, and pet foods. The company has now found that the sustainably-sourced citrus alternative to methylcellulose provides many benefits to vegan products ranging from plant-based meats, non-dairy ice cream, sauces and dressings, spreads and dips, and pastries.