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Climax Foods to Launch ‘Zero Compromise’ Plant-Based Blue Cheese in US Restaurants and Retail

Food tech company Climax Foods announces the launch of Climax Blue – a cultured and aged blue cheese alternative that is the first offering from Climax’s  “zero compromise” plant-based cheese line. Climax Blue will roll out to food service operators in April, including Michelin-star restaurants, before debuting in US retailers later this year. Described as being indistinguishable and at price parity with its dairy counterpart, Climax Blue is made to offer the same indulgence as dairy cheese without the climate impact. The signature cheese is said to come streaked with a flavorful blue-green veining and has a creamy, fudgy texture. The cheese can be crumbled in salads, mixed into dressings, or featured on cheese boards. According to Climax, all of its specialty cheeses offer the …