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Oatly at COP27: “The Global Food System Needs Urgent Transformation”

The current Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) marks, incredibly, the first time ever that the UN climate event has featured pavilions related to the impact of food systems on climate change. The new Food4Climate Pavilion at COP27, organised by ProVeg International together with Oatly and 19 other NGOs/Think Tank Partners and Food Industry Partners from around the world, aims to raise awareness on how the food and agriculture system must change now to effectively tackle the climate crisis. Oatly‘s Cecilia McAleavey, Sustainable Eating and Public Affairs Director and Shaunagh Duncan, Head of Sustainability are in attendance at Cop27, and here offer their commentary on the event and the importance of these conversations. Cecilia McAleavey, Sustainable Eating and Public Affairs Director for Oatly …


A banner promoting Eat Just (GOOd Meat) cultivated chicken

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Cultivated Meat

Eat Just to Unveil New Iteration of GOOD Meat Cultivated Chicken at COP27

GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat division of Eat Just Inc, most famous for its pioneering egg product JUST Egg, announces it will launch a new version of its cultivated chicken at COP27. New to the conference this year are three dedicated spaces for food system dialogue: the Food and Agriculture Pavilion, the Food4Climate Pavilion and the Food Systems Pavilion. GOOD Meat will showcase a new version of its chicken produced from cells for the first time outside of Singapore, where it debuted nearly two years ago, at a series of events for media, ministerial guests and civil society representatives from Saturday 12 November to Monday 14 November. “We hope that our guests at COP27 will find their cultured chicken dishes both delicious and thought-provoking, and …