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Heura: “The Exponential Growth We Are Experiencing Demonstrates That the Future Will Be Plant-Based”

Bernat Añaños Martinez is one of the most prominent activists in our industry, and the Spanish plant meat brand he co-founded in 2017 – Heura – is equally one of the most active organisations working hard to bring about change in the food industry. We at vegconomist have always been huge supporters of the Catalonian food activists. One of our favourite moments from Bernat was when he spoke in Glasgow at last year’s COP26, addressing the elephant in the room: why were these politicians completely avoiding the role of food in our climate crisis? Bernat appealed to the panel audience: “It is surprising that at COP 26 we are not debating this as one of the main topics… food should be at the very centre. It …


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Sustainability / Environment

FAIRR Report Says Animal Agriculture is Unprepared For Transition to Greener Future

Animal agriculture is unprepared for the transition to a more sustainable food system, according to a new report by collaborative investor network FAIRR. The report shows that of the 60 publicly-listed animal protein companies assessed, only 18% track any of their methane emissions — and their figures are often only partial. Additionally, very few take responsibility for the deforestation caused by their activities, and even those with a zero-deforestation commitment often do not have full visibility of their third-party suppliers. These findings are a blow for the recent commitments made at the COP26 summit to slash methane emissions and tackle deforestation. This has led the new report to conclude that animal agriculture is unprepared for the greener future most countries are attempting to move towards. …


The Vegetarian Butcher - Mural SMUG

The Vegetarian Butcher has partnered with Glasgow-based artist SMUG to curate a giant 'Elephant in the Room' mural


The Vegetarian Butcher Launches ‘Elephant in the Room’ Campaign to Push Plant-Based Ahead of COP26

The ‘Elephant in the Room’ campaign from The Vegetarian Butcher aims to help consumers participate in bringing a crucial issue to COP26’s attention: the environmental impact of animal meat consumption on the planet. “The numbers don’t lie. A transition to diets that incorporate more plant-based food is a vital part of the solution to the climate crisis” Looking for meaningful action from leaders and policymakers, the campaign highlights how reducing animal meat consumption and switching to a plant-based diet can play a significant role in the fight against climate change. The campaign claims the issue is conspicuously absent from the COP26 agenda and lacking in European policy.  Since the livestock industry contributes between 14.5% and 18% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gases, according to the United …