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Crafty Counter Teams Up With Costco to Showcase WunderEggs at US Roadshows

Crafty Counter, the producer of vegan hard-boiled egg alternative, WunderEggs, has announced a strategic collaboration with retail giant Costco to showcase its products at three Costco roadshows in the United States. After attending the Fearless Fund VC Summit in Atlanta, which was sponsored by Costco, Crafty Counter received purchase orders for Costco’s roadshows in Atlanta and Orlando throughout the month of January. Hema Reddy, founder, and CEO of Crafty Counter, shared her vision on social media, stating, “I had heard that roadshows were a vehicle to test your offering, price propensity, insights on the club shopper, and get tons of feedback while of course selling your products to an entirely new customer base. Therefore that was a key part of my pitch.” Although WunderEggs are …


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Crafty Counter’s Vegan WunderEggs Now Available for Foodservice via WebstaurantStore

In a significant expansion of its market presence, Crafty Counter has announced that its WunderEggs vegan hard-boiled egg halves are now available to restaurants through WebstaurantStore, a leading online foodservice supplier. The news, shared by founder and CEO Hema Reddy, marks a milestone for the Austin-based, women and BIPOC-owned company, as WunderEggs can now be added to restaurant menus nationwide. Reddy comments, “We have been fortunate to see so many operators buying them either online on our website or in stores and adding them to their menus already. As an emerging brand, it’s surreal to see all the tags and mentions from restaurants & operators with their menu additions.” Crafty Counter’s WunderEggs originally launched in 2021 as the “first-ever” ready-to-eat vegan boiled eggs. These plant-based …


Crafty Counter has joined forces with chickpea specialist Fabalish to introduce deviled eggs with a vegan twist.

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Crafty Counter and Fabalish Partner for Holiday Launch of “First-Ever” Ready-to-Eat Vegan Deviled Eggs

US plant-based hard-boiled egg pioneer Crafty Counter has joined forces with chickpea specialist Fabalish to introduce a vegan version of holiday favorite: Deviled WunderEggs. The new product, described as the first-ever ready-to-eat vegan deviled eggs, features Fabalish Classic Vegan Mayo. According to Crafty Counter, it is the perfect rich and creamy ingredient for a plant-based deviled filling.  Deviled WunderEggs come in a tray with six hard-boiled egg whites and a pre-made deviled egg filling sachet. Crafty Counter has launched the NPD as a special holiday batch sold direct-to-consumer, which means limited units will be initially available. Experience nostalgia in every bite Based in Austin, Texas, Crafty Counter is a pioneer in the plant-based egg scene. The company claims that WunderEggs are the first ready-to-eat vegan hard-boiled eggs …


Battle of Brands / Mindblown and Crafty

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Crafty Counter and MindBlown Seafood Compete for Investments and More in ‘Battle of the Brands’

Plant-based brands Crafty Counter and Mindblown Seafood are competing for new investment funds and a chance to grow their companies in Battle of the Brands, a production by Better for You Media.  In Battle of the Brands, two better-for-you food companies square off against each other during two-minute audition trailers. The competitors are paired off according to their “weight class”, which compares key characteristics such as company sales data, founding story, or social media audience size.  Each week, the competing brands’ fanbases have a chance to vote for their favorite; the brand that receives the most votes earns the right to appear in a full episode of Season 1 of Behind the Wrapper, a how-its-made show hosted by legendary television host Marc Summers.  The winning …