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Vegan Media Market Launches to Connect Vegan Businesses & Freelancers

A new freelance marketplace called Vegan Media Market has launched to help vegan business owners and freelancers find each other. The marketplace is intended as an alternative to platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. It lists photographers, graphic designers, social media managers, web developers, virtual assistants, and more. Vegan Media Market is free to use for businesses, with a small commission charged to freelancers. This is significantly lower than the commission charged by sites such as Upwork, and there is no fee for freelancers to post listings. Vegan business resources Vegan Media Market joins a growing number of resources aimed specifically at vegan businesses, from books and meetups to crowdfunding platforms and pitching contests. The marketplace was created by entrepreneur Sam Tucker, who also …



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Charity & Campaigns

Creative Compass to Offer $1.4M in Marketing Aid for Vegan Animal Rights Charities

International vegan marketing agency Creative Compass is launching a program to aid animal rights charities to receive a total of $1.4 million worth of free advertising. With the offer open to 12 eligible vegan charities, Creative Compass will provide help with essential campaign funds and training for animal rights organizations.  With a combined total of $1.4 million worth of free advertising per year available, each month a new animal charity will be set up with $120,000 worth of free Google Ad Spend per year through the Google Grants program. Creative Compass will then provide free training to help organizations with future campaigns.  Creative Compass has always provided digital marketing services for animal charities at significantly reduced prices, including for the Animal Save Movement, but with …