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Dean Foods: A New Focus on Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

As demand for traditional dairy products continues to decline, plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. This has also had an impact on the US dairy company Dean Foods in the form of a drop in profits. In order to counteract its losses and simultaneously realign itself, the company now wants to concentrate largely on marketing plant-based milk product brands such as Good Karma. Last year, the dairy industry recorded a fall in profits of around 91 percent in the third quarter, not least as a result of falling consumer demand for conventional dairy products. As a result, contracts were terminated for many milk suppliers, and more investment was announced in the field of plant-based alternatives. “We want to get back into the plant-based business,” said …



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Canadian Milk Consumption Declines, According to Report

Declining demand for milk has already prompted many milk producers to rethink; large companies such as Danone and Dean Foods have taken steps towards developing vegan alternatives. The Canadian federal authority Statistics Canada has also looked into changes in milk consumption in its country. In April this year, the possibility of placing warnings on foods such as dairy products was under consideration.


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Dean Foods become Majority Shareholders of Good Karma

Dean Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of dairy products, announced on 2nd July that it has taken a majority stake in flax-based drink producers Good Karma Foods. Dean Foods had previously acquired a minority share in May last year and had hinted that this announcement could be pending. This diversification into plant-based milk producers by the Dallas firm provides more promising news about the future of vegan milk alternatives in the mainstream market.