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Beyond Meat in China: Plant-Based Pork Patties Make Their Debut & Beyond Burger Launches at Dicos

Beyond Meat has launched a new product, Plant-Based Pork Patties, onto the Chinese market. The patties are available at Tmall stores and come in two flavours — Classic and Spicy. According to Beyond, the Plant-Based Pork Patties are juicy and high in protein, with significantly less fat than their conventional pork counterparts. They come in a pack of eight and take just five minutes to cook from frozen. Beyond Pork The first Beyond Pork product was launched in 2020, created specifically for the Chinese market. This May, Beyond added a selection of plant-based pork sauces to the range. The company also opened its first Chinese DTC e-commerce site a year ago, with the aim of making its products more accessible to consumers across the country. …