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Bühler and German Institute of Food Technologies Unveil Technology Center Proteins of the Future

Swiss technology group Bühler AG and the food technology research institute DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V. (German Institute of Food Technologies) today unveil the Technology Center Proteins of the Future in Quakenbrück, Germany. The new facility provides state-of-the-art research, testing, and production infrastructure for the development of healthy, sustainable protein food products. From today it is now fully operational and ready to receive requests from customers. Closing the protein gap “The opening of the Technology Center Proteins of the Future emphasizes the strong partnership we have forged with DIL in a very short time frame. With our combined expertise we are making a vital contribution to closing the protein gap,” says Stefan Scheiber, CEO, Bühler Group. “The proteins of the future must be …


Dr. Marie-Christin Baune

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The German Institute of Food Technology (DIL): “In Principle, Microalgae Could be Used in all Processed Foods”

On 07 November 2019 the kick-off meeting for the EU project “Pro-Future” took place in Barcelona. The international research project deals with microalgae as protein-rich ingredients for future food and feed. The aim is to develop more efficient production and processing concepts to integrate high-quality, safe, healthy and sustainable products and ingredients into the food value chain.


Dr. Volker Heinz, head of the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL)

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German Institute of Food Technologies: “We Are Able to Cover Every Area in the Field of Food Technology”

Before a product can enter the market there is a long waiting period – especially with foods which require the usage of processing techniques like some vegan products. This period is where the German Institute of Food Technologies operates. Under the management of Dr.-Ing. Volker Heinz a team of experts throughout several laboratories help innovative products to come to life. Reason enough for us to have an interview with him about the interesting field of vegan food research and technology.