DMK Group continues vegan expansion with cheese shreds and plant-based infant meals

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Germany’s Leading Dairy Group DMK Group Continues Vegan Expansion with Cheese Shreds and Infant Jar Meals

After launching an oat-based dairy range last year, DMK Group, Germany’s leading dairy group, announces new additions to expand the vegan portfolio of its popular brands, MILRAM and Alete bewusst. According to DMK, the new product expansion aims to meet the demands of consumers, particularly flexitarians, while achieving sustainable growth. By catering to the needs of flexitarians and offering a broader range of high-quality food options, the company hopes to attract more customers and capitalize on the potential for growth in this segment. Vegan cheese shreds for gratin favorites In August, MILRAM Green will launch Pizza-Zeit and Auflauf-Zeit, two vegan cheese products designed explicitly for grating on pizzas and casseroles. Both products are made using a blend of vegetable oils, potato starch, and pea protein. Last September, MILRAM Food Service, another …



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Germany’s Largest Dairy Group DMK Launches “Velander” Vegan Cheese

Deutsche Milchkontor (DMK), the leading dairy group in Germany, generating a global turnover of around 5.47 billion euros in 2021, announces the launch of a new plant-based cheese line called Velander, aimed at food service professionals. The new line was “developed by DMK experts on the basis of decades of cheese expertise” according to DMK, and is produced at the group’s largest cheese production location where more than 3 million litres of milk are processed into cheese every day, stating that a new production area has been created at the Lower Saxony location.  Following an announcement last October, DMK introduced a line of oat-based desserts under its MILRAM brand in March of this year, entailing chocolate pudding, chocolate milk, and rice pudding. The dairy group’s …



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Germany’s Largest Dairy Cooperative Launches Oat-Based Vegan Desserts

Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, DMK, has announced it is launching plant-based products under its MILRAM brand. The new oat-based range includes vegan desserts, chocolate milk, and rice pudding.  The desserts come in vanilla and chocolate flavours, made with natural bourbon vanilla and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa respectively. Like the rice pudding and chocolate oat milk, they are ready to eat and have a short, recognisable ingredients list. According to DMK’s research, 40.3% of MILRAM buyers already buy milk alternatives, higher than the German average. Sales of plant-based desserts are also soaring in the country. But while most consumers say they would prefer these types of desserts to be made with oats, the vast majority are currently soy-based, indicating that DMK has found a gap in …