Dr. Foods vegan truffle butter, caviar, and foie gras

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Japan’s Dr. Foods Adds Vegan Truffle Butter to Range of Plant-Based Delicacies

Japanese food tech company Dr. Foods has announced the launch of its vegan truffle butter, which is ready for B2B distribution in Japan and internationally. The truffle butter is made with Italian summer truffle from Tuscany, combined with a proprietary plant-based butter made from Italian extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Foods has previously launched vegan foie gras and caviar, and says the truffle butter will complete its lineup of alternatives to “the world’s top three delicacies”. The company has already held tasting sessions for all three products in the U.S., Singapore, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the UAE. The response has been positive, and Dr. Foods will now make “full-scale efforts” to export the delicacies to hotels and restaurants worldwide. Since September 2023, 160,000 servings of …