Duke's launches Plant-Based Mayo

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Duke’s Plant-Based Mayo, a Vegan Version of the Southern Condiment with a Cult Following

With the tagline, “It’s got twang”, Duke’s Mayonnaise is the third-largest mayonnaise brand in the United States after Hellmann’s and Kraft, and is prominent in the southern US states where it has a cult following and some fans even sporting Duke’s tattoos. In addition to the US, Duke’s Mayonnaise is available in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. Yesterday, the fan-favorite brand announced the launch of a vegan mayo for foodservice, and what’s more, it’s sugar-free, making it suitable for diabetics. “Best vegan mayo I ever had” Chef Trevor Knotts, corporate chef at The Daily in Richmond, VA, has declared the product as the “Best vegan mayo I ever had.” After a taste test, he said he “would never know it was vegan. Doesn’t feel …