spirulina-based smoked salmon

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SimpliiGood Develops Spirulina-Based Smoked Salmon

Israeli startup SimpliiGood, founded by Algaecore Technologies, has revealed it is working with IFF-DuPont to develop spirulina-based smoked salmon. The product will be single-ingredient, made entirely from SimpliiGood’s highly bioavailable spirulina strain. SimpliiGood will provide the raw materials, colour, and texture qualities, while IFF-DuPont will contribute the flavour and aroma. The salmon alternative will be clean-label and contain 40% complete protein. “Our spirulina can act as a complete replacement for animal-based protein or be easily integrated into existing food products.” Technological breakthroughs The creation of the spirulina-based smoked salmon has been made possible by two new technological breakthroughs. The first makes it possible to texturise spirulina chunks so that they closely resemble salmon, while the second isolates spirulina’s native beta-carotene pigment to give the salmon …