Dussman partners with plant-based startups

Team members from Dussman and all four startups © BettaF!sh

Food Service

German Caterer Dussman Partners With Plant-Based Startups for “Diversity Instead of Sacrifice” Campaign

This Veganuary, German caterer Dussmann Food Services has joined forces with four plant-based startups — planted, BettaF!sh, BOONIAN, and Brew Bites — as part of its Vielfalt Statt Verzicht (Diversity Instead of Sacrifice) campaign. Dishes featuring plant-based products made by the startups have been available at around 60 German business canteens throughout the month. Restaurant Ursprung, a sustainable restaurant located in Dussmann’s Berlin-based cultural media store Das KulturKaufhaus, is also participating. About the startups planted uses extrusion and fermentation to make meat alternatives from clean ingredients such as peas, sunflower, and oats. One planted schnitzel emits 87% fewer greenhouse gases and requires 90% less water than its animal-based equivalent. BettaF!sh produces a canned tuna alternative called TU-NAH, made from seaweed, pea protein, and fava beans. …