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UK: 620% Rise in Alt-Protein Sandwich Fillings, But Fewer Vegan Sandwiches on Offer

A report by Eating Better has examined the availability of healthy and vegan sandwiches in the UK. The research looked at 430 sandwiches across 14 retailers and foodservice outlets, including the country’s largest supermarket chains. Strikingly, the use of alt-proteins as sandwich fillings has increased by a huge 620% since 2019. However, other results are disappointing, with many major supermarkets having reduced their plant-based sandwich offerings. Tesco’s vegan sandwich range has shrunk by 28% since 2019, while Morrisons and Asda have entirely removed their plant-based sandwich options. Vegan sandwiches also tend to be more expensive, costing 15% more at Sainsbury’s. Though 84% of sandwiches examined by Eating Better contained animal products, figures for foodservice were significantly better, with 34% of sandwiches meat-free and half of …


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Russian Consumers Included 3X More Plant-Based Foods Into Their Diets During Pandemic

Last year we wrote that around 10% of Russians were already eating plant-based alternatives and 54% were willing to include them in their diet. A new study made by Eating Better shows new encouraging results. According to the study, for a year and a half, residents of Russian cities began to consume meat and milk alternatives three times more often (the share of consumers in the “meat” category increased from 10% to 34%, in the “milk” category – from 9% to 31%). Such plant-based alternatives are in the greatest demand among young people and people with high incomes. Meanwhile, the majority (95%) of Russian citizens are aware of the availability of plant-based substitutes to meat and milk on the Russian market. Health concerns are still …