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Celebrity Opens Devil’s Kitchen to Disrupt School Dinners

Dale Vince OBE Is this week launching a vegan food factory in the South West of England, to supply plant-based vegan food to schools. The entrepreneur is famous for founding the green energy supplier Ecotricity, and for being the Club Chairman and major shareholder of Forest Green Rovers Football Club, which claims to be the only plant-based football club in the world and has earned the vegan seal of approval from The Vegan Society.


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Ecotricity: “As Consumers We all Have the Power to Make a Difference”

A little known fact, even to most vegans, is that in over 50 percent of homes in the UK, millions of consumers are unwittingly powering their homes with electricity made with animal waste – even body parts from the meat and dairy industry. The practice is labelled “recycling” – and is in fact the use of animal parts to create gas or electric power. Ecotricity the “renewable energy pioneers” are the first in the UK to introduce an ethical counterpart – vegan electricity.