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Ecovative Spinoff Atlast Raises $40M From Investors Including Robert Downey Jr for Mycelium Bacon

Atlast Food Co., a spinoff from Ecovative Design headed by Eben Bayer, has secured $40 million from investors including Robert Downey Jr.’s Footprint Coalition Ventures. The fresh funds are in addition to the $60 million raised for Ecovative just this month, totalling $100 million which will be utilised to create the world’s largest mycelium farm which is set to produce 100 million pounds per year.


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Ecovative Announces $10 Million in Capital for Launch of launch of Mycelium Foundry

Ecovative Design is a specialist in the research of the fungus mycelium in its “journey to bring self-assembling microorganisms to the consumer market.” The company uses the organism’s unique structure to grow fully formed materials for commercial use, and now announces an investment of $10 million in new capital for mycelium research.