A salmon filet

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Estonian Researchers Reach XPRIZE Finals with Pea-Based “Salmon Scented” Filet

GFI Europe grantee Sirli Rosenvald and researchers from the Estonian Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) reached the XPRIZE competition’s final stage with a realistic pea protein-based salmon filet that features a novel “salmon scented” oil. XPRIZE encourages startups to develop alternative chicken breast or fish filet products that surpass conventional meat in terms of nutrition, taste, and texture. Chinese cultivated meat company CellX also reached the finals with a cultivated chicken breast.  TFTAK is an Estonian multidisciplinary CRO founded in 2004 specializing in bioprocess optimization, food research, and developing innovative food and fermentation technologies. In 2022, Dr. Rosenvalt received funding from the GFI to further develop its salmon scent. Salmon scent molecules TFTAK uses plants to create eco-friendly solutions to reduce Europe’s reliance on traditional seafood sources. Its researchers have been …