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Politics & Law

Italian Cultivated Meat Ban Could Be “Unenforceable” Due to Violation of EU Scrutiny Procedure

The European Commission has said that Italy violated an EU scrutiny procedure by banning cultivated meat without allowing other member states or the Commission itself to give their views. The Italian government first proposed the ban in March of last year, citing a lack of studies on the effects of cultivated meat. In October, it was revealed that a draft law proposing the ban had been withdrawn from EU scrutiny, along with another bill to restrict the use of meat-like terms on plant-based product packaging. The controversial bills were then passed by the Italian Chamber of Deputies in November. According to the European Commission, the draft laws should have been subjected to the TRIS procedure, which is intended to prevent national parliaments from passing bills …


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Sustainability / Environment

Scientists Say Europeans Must Eat “As Little Animal Products as Possible”

Scientists have told the European Commission that people must eat “as little animal products as possible” to combat climate change. Professor Erik Mathijs, chair of the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) Working Group, made the comment following the publication of the group’s new report, Towards Sustainable Food Consumption. The white paper was requested by the Commission to support the revision of its Farm to Fork agri-food strategy. Describing reduced animal product consumption as “the key mitigation option” for climate change, the report calls for policy measures such as taxes or bans on some unsustainable products, and reformulations of others. It also emphasises the benefits of plant-based diets in tackling chronic diseases, obesity, and biodiversity loss. “Crucial solution” The importance of reducing animal …