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Politics & Law

EU Election Guide Finds High Levels of Support for Plant-Based Policies After Surveying 50+ Political Parties

With European elections scheduled to take place from June 6-9, The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) has surveyed over 50 political parties across Europe to determine their stance on plant-based policies. Said to be the largest survey of its kind, the results have been published in a document titled Plant-Based Politics: The 2024 EU Election Guide. Europarties and national political parties from several EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, and Spain) were given a questionnaire based on the policy recommendations made in the EVU’s Plant-Based Manifesto. The survey included questions about financial incentives, health and environmental issues, subsidies, and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Overall, the results indicate that political support for the EVU’s suggested policies is high. The most popular policy involves …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Confused By This Plant-Based Seafood Label? The European Fishing Industry Says You Are.

As consumer interest in plant-based seafood continues to rise and more innovative alternatives are hitting supermarket shelves, representatives of the commercial fishing industry in Europe are calling for “transparency” in plant-based seafood labelling. To get the full picture, we spoke with industry expert Marissa Bronfman, who described the situation that took place in Brussels last week. Conventional seafood lobbyists argue that the current regulatory framework misleads consumers on the nutritional value of products by using “fishy” terms such as ‘plant-based tuna’ or ‘vegan fish sticks’. In addition, they said that “confusing labels” could harm the fishing sector by undermining fair competition and eroding trust in the authenticity of seafood products. Following ongoing label battles in meat and alt dairy, the Spanish seafood industry made a …