Vegan cheese launches at Everyman Cinemas

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Vegan Cheese by Purezza Launches at Everyman Cinemas UK-Wide

UK-based vegan pizzeria and cheese producer Purezza has announced that its plant-based ‘Stracciazza’ cheese is set to launch at Everyman Cinemas. The cheese, which is an alternative to stracciatella, will be available at all 38 of the cinema chain’s locations across the UK, served on hand-stretched vegan pizzas. “If you’re a fan of burrata, stracciatella is the stringy cheese inside,” said Mitch Lee, head of sales at Purezza. “Our vegan Stracciazza is equally as creamy, moreish, and delicious, so order up a slice and enjoy your movie!” Aquafaba-based cheeses When Purezza opened its first location in 2015, it claimed to be Europe’s first fully vegan pizzeria. The founders quickly discovered that existing vegan cheeses didn’t live up to their expectations, and began developing their own …