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Plant-Based Innovations Secure Top Honors in 2024 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards

The 2024 National Restaurant Association Show is spotlighting the future of the foodservice industry, showcasing 35 innovative products honored with the Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards. Over one-third of the awards were given to plant-based products, reflecting a growing consumer trend towards more sustainable and eco-friendly dietary choices. Among the top accolades, 10 products were distinguished as FABI Favorites, chosen for their standout innovation and potential to inspire culinary trends.  Products are assessed for their novelty, market uniqueness, appeal to operators, and their innovative solutions to industry challenges, including sustainability and consumer demand for healthier options. Tom Cindric, the show’s president, noted, “These 35 exceptional products, including the 10 FABI Favorites, have truly captured the essence of innovation at the Show, pushing the boundaries of …


plant based eggs sunny side up

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Yo-Egg Receives FABI Innovation Awards, Sunny-Side-Up Egg Named a “Top 8” Product

Plant-based egg company Yo Egg announces it has received two of the National Restaurant Association’s 2023 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards, for the “world’s first and only” plant-based poached egg and sunny-side-up eggs. In addition, the Yo Sunny Side Up egg was selected as one of eight “FABI Favorites”, and will be featured onstage at this year’s NRA show in Chicago.  The FABI Awards recognizes the most forward-thinking and creative tastes that are helping to drive trends and expand menu offerings across the US.  According to Yo Egg, its products feature a runny yolk and real chicken egg taste, which the brand says other egg alternatives currently don’t offer. Made from non-GMO ingredients that include chickpea and soy, Yo Egg recently launched on restaurant menus …


Beyond Steak plant-based steak

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Beyond Meat’s Beyond Steak Wins Prestigious 2023 FABI Innovation Award

Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) announces its Beyond Steak product has been awarded the coveted 2023 FABI Award (Food and Beverage Innovation) from the National Restaurant Association. The award recognizes plant-based Beyond Steak for “breaking new ground in creativity and taste”, and marks Beyond Meat’s seventh consecutive FABI award.  According to the National Restaurant Association, the FABI Awards honor products that are revolutionizing food and beverage with innovative flavors, ingredients, creativity, and profit potential. Beyond Meat says its Beyond Steak seared tips provide an authentically juicy, meaty taste and flavor profile that is ideal for sandwiches, bowls, salads, stir fries, tacos and more. FABI praised the product, which first launched in the US in Fall 2022, for its “tender” bite and perfectly “caramelized crust.” Made with …