Wagamama launches dishes made with Fable Food Co pulled shiitake

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Wagamama Partners with Fable Food Co to Launch 4 Pulled Shiitake Dishes

Wagamama, an Asian-inspired restaurant chain in the UK, has partnered with Australian mushroom-based meat alternative brand Fable Food Co to launch four meat-free dishes. The new menu options are all made with Fable’s Pulled Shiitake, though only two are vegan-friendly: Pulled Shiitake Koyo Bowl — A bowl featuring mixed leaves, Fable pulled shiitake, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, radish, and edamame beans. The bowl is served with a creamy tofu and mustard dressing, and topped with crushed sunflower seeds and red chilli and miso sauce. Pulled Shiitake Crispy Otsumami — Six squares of crispy fried rice in a soy and yuzu dressing. The squares are topped with pulled shiitake, smashed avocado, edamame, and sriracha mayo, and are garnished with coriander cress. The two remaining dishes — Crispy …


Michael Fox CEO Fable Food Co

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Fable Foods: “Reimagining Mushrooms by Improving Their Texture and Elevating Their Natural Umami Flavours”

Fable Food Co, based in Australia, creates sustainable meat alternatives with a focus on the shiitake mushroom to mimic the texture and umami flavours of meat. Fable’s product portfolio includes items like plant-based braised beef, designed to integrate seamlessly into a variety of dishes, from stews to tacos, and the company’s approach to the plant-based market is not just about offering alternatives to meat but also about contributing to a shift in food culture towards more sustainable and ethical consumption practices. Since we last spoke with CEO Michael Fox, back in 2020, Fable has raised US$8.5 million in Series A, with the funds invested to accelerate R&D, launch new mushroom-based products, and continue to expand internationally. We were long overdue a catchup with Fox, who …