The Finnish food experience company Fazer announces the launch of the world's first chocolate bar powered by Solein in Singapore.

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Products & Launches

Solar Foods and Fazer Unveil World’s First Air-Protein Chocolate Bar in Singapore

Finnish food producer Fazer announces the launch in Singapore of the world’s first chocolate bar powered by Solein. Solein, created by the Finish biotech Solar Foods, is a novel protein crafted through fermentation technology, utilizing microbes, carbon dioxide, and electricity without the need for agricultural resources, hence dubbed “air protein.” With this introduction, Fazer becomes the first fast-moving consumer goods company ever to offer a product made with Solein, marking as well the air protein’s retail debut in a consumer product. Solein received regulatory approval in Singapore in 2022, making it possible to introduce it to the public in various dishes, including a dairy-free chocolate gelato developed in collaboration with Fico, Solar Food’s restaurant partner. Taste the future Called “Taste the Future”, the vegan friendly …


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Investments & Finance

Fazer Group to Acquire Swedish Oat Milk Company Trensums Food AB

Finnish food corporation Fazer has agreed to acquire Sweden-based oat milk company Trensums Food AB. Fazer will take over from the company’s current owner, Profura AB. The acquisition will help Fazer achieve its goal of becoming a leading player in the Northern European plant-based market. Trensums is one of the continent’s leading oat milk producers and will significantly increase Fazer’s share of the market, as well as granting access to new markets. Following approval from the Swedish Competition Authority, Trensums will become part of Fazer’s Lifestyle Foods Business Area, which has an emphasis on plant-based foods and particularly oat-based dairy alternatives. Investing in the future of food Fazer has been targeting the plant-based market for several years. In 2019, the company invested €40 million in …