Plant based grilled burger patty with grill marks and rock salt isolated on white. Top view.

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HIFOOD and Alianza Team Introduce Revolutionary Fat Alternative to Tropical Oils for Better Plant-Based Meat

HIFOOD and Alianza Team Europe have developed an innovative, clean-label, plant-based fat alternative to tropical oils and chemical emulsions. The companies claim that the new product improves the taste and texture of plant-based meat, allowing manufacturers to make realistic alternatives. The Italian company HIFOOD, a CSM Ingredients subsidiary, specializes in researching, developing, and producing natural ingredients. Alianza Team Europe, headquartered in Germany, is the European division of the Colombian multinational vegetable fats and oils company Alianza Team. MirrorTissue Using MirrorTissue, a plant-based lipid solution by Alianza Team, and HIFOOD’s proprietary proteins, plant fibers, and technologies, the companies developed a protein emulsion with superior performance.  Made with a blend of allergen-free plant proteins, soluble plant fibers from oilseeds, and local oils and fats, the new enhanced product contains 10% more natural ingredients than …


German company Hydrosol will showcase a vegetable-based cream developed with innovative alt protein solutions at Fi Europe 2023.

Image courtesy of Hydrosol

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Hydrosol to Showcase Solutions for High Whipping Volume Vegetable Cream at Fi Europe 2023

German company Hydrosol will showcase a vegetable-based cream developed with its innovative solutions for the F&B industry at Fi Europe 2023.  Hydrosol, part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and sister company of Planteneers, offers tailored stabilizing and texturizing systems for a range of food products, including dairy-free cream. The company’s Stabimuls ICR system, including Stabimuls Vega, enables manufacturers to create vegan creams with enhanced whipping volumes and more robust foam structures. According to the company, the systems are ideal for creating “outstanding” vegetable creams for cakes, fruits, desserts, ice cream, sauces, soups, and casseroles. Among the advantages, the company mentions that whipping volumes can be adjusted between 100 and 400% and that the resulting creams are freeze-thaw-stable, expanding their potential for culinary preparations. Additionally, Hydrosol’s solutions offer cooking creams …