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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Finless Foods Launches Pokè-Style Plant-Based Tuna into US Food Service Nationwide

Finless Foods, a leading alt-seafood company, announces its first official product, plant-based pokè-style tuna, is launching at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in Chicago. Now available for US nationwide purchase through Gordon Food Service, the pokè tuna will be sampled at NRA from May 21-24. Made from nine plant-based ingredients, the Finless tuna is minimally processed, low in fat and sodium, and provides omega-3 fatty acids. According to the company, its tuna is a versatile reinvention of seafood that can be enjoyed in sushi, poke bowls, tacos and more. Food service customers can order the product through Gordon Food Service (GFS), the largest family-owned broadline food distributor in North America.  Entering plant-based seafood Finless Foods was previously noted for being one of the first …


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Food & Beverage

Omakaseed at Plant Bar Bringing Exclusive Vegan Sushi Experience to NYC

Omakaseed at Plant Bar, a new plant-based sushi concept, will open on April 30 to bring innovative vegan sushi to NYC’s NoMad neighborhood. Created by the team behind the successful Sushi by Bou restaurant brand, Omakaseed will offer intimate omakase-style dining, where all of the meal’s dishes are specially selected by the chef. “Transforming vegan sushi” Omakaseed is being launched as a joint partnership by NYC bistro Plant Bar, hospitality agency SimpleVenue and the Vegan Warrior Project, an organization that connects restaurant kitchens to plant-based delivery concepts.  Led by Michelin-starred chef Roberto Romero,  the seasonal sushi menu will feature plant-based Japanese-inspired dishes like Watermelon Tuna with Pickled Kelp, Vegan Nigiri, and Sunomo Style Pulled Oyster Mushroom Salad. “Each omakase course will incorporate eclectic global flavors,” …



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Cultivated Seafood

California’s Finless Foods Secures $34M For Cell-Cultured Bluefin Tuna

Finless Foods, which claims to have been the first cell-cultured seafood producer and the first to serve cell-cultured fish in the US, has closed a $34M Series B round, bringing its total raise to $48M. The company states the fresh funds will be used to launch plant-based tuna nationally into US foodservice. In addition, the funding will allow Finless Foods to explore international distribution in Asia; expand its plant-based seafood portfolio; expand the team; gain regulatory approval for its cell-cultured bluefin tuna; and “lead the industry in reducing the price of cell-cultured bluefin tuna to reach price parity with its conventional equivalent.” The Emeryville California company announced the development of its plant-based tuna in June 2021, stating: “In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients …


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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

California’s Finless Foods Announces Launch of “Sushi Grade” Cell-Cultured Tuna

As the plant-based seafood industry is projected to grow 28% annually over the next decade, Finless Foods of Emeryville California has announced a new cell-based tuna offering, as well as a brand refresh and new website. “The feedback received from our culinary partners has been phenomenal, likening the flavor and texture to sushi-grade tuna.” Co-founded by Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, the company aims to distribute the tuna product widely to food service partners by next year, stating on a blog posted yesterday: “Where does Finless Foods fit into the plant-based landscape? Dead center! In our pursuit of cell-cultured tuna, plant ingredients play a key role in the development of the product. During our process, we developed a plant-based tuna product that is so good, …


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Products & Launches

Finless Foods Obtains Funding for Clean Meat

For some time now, attempts have been made to cultivate meat in the laboratory in order to offer a solution to the problems prevalent in the meat industry. Various start-ups are working on this, attempting to produce pork, beef and poultry synthetically. But Finless Foods is working to provide fish lovers with an alternative, and hopes that financial support will bring it one step closer to the goal of launching the product.