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What is Precision Fermentation? Precision Fermentation Alliance and Food Fermentation Europe Reveal Expanded Definition 

Trade organizations the Precision Fermentation Alliance (PFA) and Food Fermentation Europe (FFE) have revealed a new expanded definition of precision fermentation (PF) to provide clarity on its unique characteristics, its differences from other fermentation-based technologies, and its applications. With biomass fermentation, traditional fermentation, and other technologies like molecular farming and plant cell culture emerging to make novel ingredients for food, the collaboration aims to help stakeholders, regulators, and consumers understand the basics of PF technology. Recently, precision fermentation has been in the spotlight, with various companies announcing the launch of animal-free dairy proteins, human milk fat analogs, and proteins for eggs. However, before its emergence for alt proteins, the technology has been safely used in food and medicine for over three decades to make insulin, rennet …