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Investments & Finance

Nicoya AB Invests in Foodiq’s Innovative Alternative Dairy Tech

Foodiq a Nordic co-manufacturer that says it is committed to transforming the food industry, announces it has received investment from Swedish foodtech investment company Nicoya to support the company’s growth and expansion. According to its own statements, Nicoya has set itself the goal of achieving a positive impact on people, planet and health through the investment.  Foodiq is currently introducing its dairy-free Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology, which aims to pave the way for ‘next generation’ plant-based foods. According to Foodiq — developer of Fabea+, an ingredient made from fermented fava beans — its MLC technology is intended to create the conditions for a transformative change towards a more sustainable and tastier food future. All-in-one processing Foodiq’s MLC technology provides the ability to perform multiple functions …


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Manufacturing & Technology

Foodiq Introduces MLC Technology, “Leading the Charge in the Plant-Based 2.0 Revolution”

Finnish plant-based foods innovator and co-manufacturing provider Foodiq has introduced its new Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology for dairy-free products such as fermented yogurts, puddings, spreadable cheeses, and even ready-to-serve soups and sauces.   Presenting it as a key development in the transition to plant-based 2.0, the technology can work with different raw ingredients, including oats, hemp, rice, and fruits. This diverse range of choices facilitates the creation of customized products with desired characteristics, such as high protein content, low sugar, or clean labeling, explains the Finnish innovator. “This offers an exciting opportunity to research and experiment with unconventional raw materials and develop new food products that are healthier, sustainable and delicious,” said Petri Kallio, factory director at Foodiq. From testing to large scale production MLC can perform …