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New Crop Capital Leads Convertible Note Round in Heura – the Fastest Growing Vegan Meat Startup in Europe

Breaking news: New Crop Capital has invested in Foods for Tomorrow, producer of plantbased chicken Heura as well as other products including the Heura Burger. The Barcelona startup recently announced to vegconomist that it is the fastest-growing European startup in the plant-based meat industry with a 450% growth in the last year.



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Vegan Brand Heura to Save 1,100,000 Chickens From Slaughterhouse in 2020

The world consumption of animal protein is on the way to increase by 70% by the year 2050. Of the different types of meat, there is one whose production will continue to grow continuously throughout the world: chicken. Of all the global increase in meat production expected in the next decade, chicken will account for 44% of the total.


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Veganism Gaining Popularity in Spain as Taco Bell Spain Debuts Vegan Product

A recent report from Just Food describes how Spain is one of the market leaders for plant milk consumption, owing partly to its long standing tradition of horchata – a drink made from tiger nuts and enjoyed as a summer drink by the Spanish for multiple centuries. In addition, Taco Bell Spain has revealed it is debuting vegan meat options made from oats and beans.


Bernat Añaños - FoodsforTomorrow

Bernat Añaños (Image supplied by Foods For Tomorrow)


Foods For Tomorrow: “We See Foods for Tomorrow as Having a Leading Role as the Generation That Will Stop Using Animals to Produce Protein”

Barcelona-based Foodsfortomorrow offers soy-based meat alternatives which have a short ingredient list and are enriched with vitamin B12. The company produces a product named Heura which is hugely popular in Spain as a meat alternative, contains twice the protein content of eggs, four times more iron than one serving of spinach and has six times more fiber than tofu.