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Investments & Acquisitions

AAK Foodservice Acquires Aquafaba Butter Producer Fora Foods

Leading vegetable oil and fats producer AAK FoodService has acquired Fora Foods. Fora is the company behind ForA:Butter, a plant-based product made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and coconut cream. The most significant difference between ForA and other vegan butters is its use of aquafaba (the cooking water from chickpeas) as an emulsifier. The company claims that this unusual formulation makes it one of the only products to be a true 1:1 substitute for dairy butter. AAK already manufactures ForA:Butter, making the acquisition a natural next step. Fora Foods was founded in 2018 by Andrew McClure and Aidan Altman. The same year, the company raised $1.4 million from investors such as New Crop Capital and Blue Horizon. Currently, the product (previously known as Faba Butter) …


Dr. Manon Sarah Littek

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Katjesgreenfood: “Our Goal is to Revolutionize the Global Food Market”

The world of business is subject to constant change. New, innovative ideas and products aimed at revolutionising the market are always coming along. Change is especially rapid in the plant-based sector, so it’s nice to have a partner with many years of experience and financial strength at your side. This is exactly what Katjesgreenfood – Europe’s first food impact investor – offers. In an interview with Dr. Manon Sarah Littek, we learned more about the concept, its focus and her assessment of the future of the vegan market.



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Products & Launches

Katjesgreenfood: New Investment in Vegan Butter Start-Up Fora

Katjesgreenfood, a subsidiary of the Katjes Group, recently announced its investment in the vegan butter start-up Fora. According to the New York-based company, they have developed the world’s first vegan and cholesterol-free butter, using basic, specially researched and innovative   ingredients. Katjesgreenfood GmbH & Co. KG is one of the first food impact investors in the growing market for sustainable food in Europe, and invests in new food companies. The company’s latest investment is a stake in Fora, expanding its portfolio of vegan companies. Katjesgreenfood is also involved with Seven Sundays and Veganz. Fora was founded in 2017 by Aidan Altman and Andrew McClure; together, they developed the first vegan and cholesterol-free butter, which they call FabaButter. The taste and texture are hardly distinguishable from conventional butter. …