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Launches and Awards in Vegan Fish Category Continue as Forbes and BBC Suddenly Declare Plant-Based Seafood as “Next Big Vegan Meat Trend”

This week, both Forbes and the BBC have published articles declaring plantbased seafood as “new big trend” in vegan meat. This “trend”, one that we have predicted since our article here from mid-2018, sees news this week including brand new products from Good Catch and a PETA award today for vegan sushi in Holland.


Shama Sukul Lee with Sunfed Boar Free Bacon® 01

Shama Sukul Lee with Sunfed Boar Free Bacon ©Sunfed

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Forbes Says That Vegan Bacon Products are the “Next Plant-Based Frontier”

Forbes reported yesterday about the rise in plantbased, citing Beyond Meat as the key driver behind the industry and vegan bacon as the next trend. Beyond said last year that they would be developing a plantbased bacon in 2020, but which other brands are competing and why is it so imperative that vegan bacon exists right now?


Katrina Fox – Book author and vegan business consultant

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Katrina Fox: “Media are Hungry for Stories or Articles with a Vegan Angle”

When starting a (vegan) business, many people don’t have a fundamental understanding of marketing and PR. Therefore, many of them make mistakes that not only cost them work force and time, but also a large number of readers, which they could have found with a proper PR message. This is just one of the problems Katrina Fox, book author and vegan business consultant, sees on a regular basis. We asked her to tell us more about the secrets of a good PR campaign, the development of veganism and her future plans.