Stirling University student's union goes plant-based

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Scotland’s Stirling University Votes to Make Students’ Union 100% Plant-Based

Students at Scotland’s Stirling University have voted to make all the meals offered at their Students’ Union (SU) plant-based by 2025. The vote was inspired by the Plant Based Universities campaign, which calls for higher education institutes to remove animal products from their menus to improve sustainability. The campaign is supported by Animal Rebellion, an Extinction Rebellion offshoot with a focus on ending animal agriculture. By the next academic year, 50% of options at Stirling’s three SU food outlets will be plant-based, with this figure rising to 100% by 2025. According to the SU website, moving towards plant-based diets is a “necessary step” in improving the sustainability of the food system. University food outlets outside the SU will not be affected. Universities go plant-based While …



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Report by Formo Finds Promising Consumer Attitudes to Animal-Free Dairy

New research by German precision fermentation company Formo, in collaboration with Mercy for Animals and Fordham University, has examined consumer attitudes to animal-free dairy products. Study participants were introduced to the concept of creating animal-free dairy proteins, such as whey and casein, by encoding microorganisms with milk-protein DNA. They were then asked for their response. Overall, consumers across multiple countries were enthusiastic and curious about the technology. Many readily saw the advantages, including improved animal welfare, more choice, and lower environmental impact. However, some participants were confused about precision fermentation and unsure how to categorise products made in this way. Naming Consumers were then asked to choose their favourite of five potential names for dairy products produced using precision fermentation. “Animal-free dairy” was by far …