Banana bark bags

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India’s FOReT Launches Biodegradable Vegan Bags Made From Banana Bark

Indian vegan fashion brand FOReT has developed a collection of sustainable and fully biodegradable bags made from locally sourced banana bark. To make the bags, the bark is harvested using a sharp knife, in a process that does not harm the banana tree. Fibers are then extracted from the bark and formed into twine, which is crocheted to make the plant-based bags. Finally, an inner lining made from cotton is added, along with other features such as a strap and tassels. The bags are made by rural Indian women, providing them with economic opportunities. The collection features several designs, including totes, bucket bags, and a messenger bag. The latest addition is the Moon Crest, which can transition between a clutch, sling, and waist bag. Due …