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EU-Funded Program “FEASTS” Sets Out to Research Cultivated Meat and Seafood as Future Proteins

The Fostering European Cellular Agriculture for Sustainable Transition Solution (FEASTS), a newly established research program funded by the EU, has launched this January to work on a three-year project on cultivated meat and seafood.  The program aims to gather comprehensive, “unbiased” information and technological knowledge about cell-based meat to establish a framework for sustainable production and promote the technology as a future protein production method. FEASTS is a consortium of 36 independent institutions from 17 countries, including universities and research institutes, startups, business accelerators, independent consultants, international food innovation initiatives, representatives of farmers and aquafarmers, and a consumer association.  Marja-Liisa Meurice, Director of EIT Food North and East region and consortium partner at FEASTS, comments: “We are looking to identify the most sustainable, economically viable …